Where Did Your Story Begin?

The happiest of moments are made at home. At least for us they are. When Scott and I found out we were pregnant with Emily, we immediately knew we wanted to move into our forever home before she was born. She just this year started school but we wanted to live in the area she’d be attending school in while she was little, too. We ended up moving into our home about three months before she was born and have loved living here! The schools are awesome, the community is great and we’ve made so many memories here. This home and this little suburb of Indianapolis is where our story really began.

I wanted to be able to have something special that no matter where we end up, whether in a different city or even a different state, or right here all our lives, that we could have with us and keep as a beautiful reminder of where we all began life together. I’m so happy to have partnered with Mapiful (a discount code is below!) to make my dreams come true with this gorgeous Map Poster of our little town. A little about Mapiful:

  1. You can pick any location on the world.

  2. You can customize the labels.

  3. There are seven predesigned themes or you can create your own!

  4. There are five different sizes to pick from.

  5. You can change the orientation to fit your space.

  6. There are wooden frames available for each size.

I have loved maps for so long and wanted a realistic looking Mapiful poster for our space so I chose the Nautical pre-made theme in a 50x70cm size with a matching oak frame. When our map showed up at our door it came in a super sturdy container and was packaged beautifully. This would make the perfect gift for absolutely anyone! I loved how simple the frame was to attach and hang and our poster, even though it was rolled up all the way from Finland, unrolled and straightened out perfectly and quickly! If you love these Mapiful map posters as much as I do you can save some money by using the code leah_stauffer10 at checkout! Like I mentioned these are perfect for any family, a college student or recent grad, a newly engaged or married couple, just anyone who has a specific place in the world they want to remember.

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