Our Weekend With Only One Kid


So as you know we have two kids, duh...  Pretty much every other weekend one kiddo stays at Mamaw and Papaw's house for Friday and Saturday night.  I remember feeling like I had no time to myself when we only had Emily but now that Brody is becoming so independent and expressive, it's even crazier to get any time during the day.  


When my parents take one child for the weekend, it's just crazy how much easier it is at home.  Brody is just like his Mama, he'll gladly pack up in the car and go shopping and run errands with me.  He loves being out and about, exploring and touching everything.  Emily on the other hand is just like Daddy and a total homebody!

This weekend we had Brody at home and Daddy was actually off work which is rare, so we took advantage of that!  I knew Emily was being spoiled and living her best life at my parents' house so all of my attention was on the Brody boy!


We, of course, went to Target together, did some grocery shopping at Walmart, made some yummy dinner that Emily doesn't like, had lots of dance parties, and went to church on Sunday!  It was a great and easy going weekend! 

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