5 Favorite Yogurt Bowls For Parents + Kiddos

This post is sponsored by FAGE; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


The time has come, y’all. Brody and Emily have finally come to the bright side with me and started enjoying yogurt bowls for breakfast with Scott and I and I couldn’t be more excited. I know, I know, why am I excited for my kids to eat yogurt bowls, right? Well, I mean…I am a busy mama and I eat these bowls every morning and since I am already making one, I can easily make up two smaller ones and bing-bang-boom, breakfast is done! That’s a mom-win if I ever heard one if you ask me! Gone are the days of making different breakfasts for all of us. Everything is quick and easy and I love offering the kids something fresh and full of nutrients each morning before school!

So why yogurt? Well I have always loved yogurt, grew up on it, and loved offering it to the kiddos. We try to be an active family, whether that means spending time on nightly walks, visiting the playground, going to our swim and dance lessons, visiting our zoo or children’s museum, or especially anything working out our minds. In order to do all those awesome and fun things we need fuel, obviously! I want to be able to offer my kids the right kinds of foods that give them what they need without adding sugar, while at the same time showing them they can have fun and enjoy their food! Yogurt is such an easy food to add to which is why I love it.

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I am not one to switch things up…ever. If I have something I like at a restaurant I always get the same thing, never deviating. It’s something that drives Scott crazy sometimes but hey, that’s me! Luckily for me my kiddos are the same way with food. Brody will for sure try new foods all the time but Emily hates to. We have our certain things we tend to go for and that I tend to enjoy making for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we pretty much stick to that unless we’re out and about and have to get something different.

Being able to get lots of yummy ingredients for yogurt bowls and use those same things all week is something I love. I mean, I’m not always able to go to the store and pick up three strawberries and one banana along with a handful of granola each and every night for the next day so keeping it simple and less time consuming is always a requirement for me.

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First and foremost, if you haven’t tried FAGE, ya need to. I remember my mom being like, “I got a new yogurt at the store and the kids ate it all up when they stayed the night.”, a couple weeks ago and I was thinking-hmm, ok, I guess I could try it out but yogurt is yogurt, right? But you guys, I was so wrong, it’s seriously the best and so rich and creamy! There are so many different options to fit your needs with FAGE since it comes in three fat varieties (non-fat, 2% and 5%) and it’s all-natural and protein rich! The only thing that makes FAGE Greek yogurt better, let’s be honest, is toppings for my yogurt bowls, so here we go…

Like I mentioned, I don’t stray from what I know I like but I do know that my kids won’t eat certain things. Like kiwi fruit. Brody will gobble it up but Emily will lose her mind if it’s anywhere near her plate so I tend to stay away from that fruit for the girl but we love so many of the same bowls, here are my top five:

  • pineapple + banana — for whatever reason my kids love, I mean love this combo. I love it too, but part of me just loves it for the neutral and pretty look it has. I add granola to everything so be prepared for that as well!

  • kiwi + raspberries — I know, both of these fruits have such an intense flavor (at least to me) so why mix them? Well first off I love the colors together, haha, but I also know Emily loves raspberries so maybe, just maybe she’ll try a kiwi on accident or something one day and realize she loves it. Brody also loves both kiwi and raspberries mixed like his mama.

  • cantaloupe + strawberries — I am all about the look of things I guess. I know for me if something looks good I am more willing to try it and these two toppings mixed together with some granola just do it for me!

  • honeydew + blueberries — I always love the simple taste of FAGE Total Greek yogurt mixed with blueberries so adding some honeydew is just something extra I throw in for some color and variety.

  • oranges with granola and sliced almonds — So we are all loving oranges right now but I can’t sell only oranges as a topping for my kids. I can just hear Emily’s little voice right now, “oranges…is that it?!” My kiddos both have a peanut allergy so we love utilizing almonds mixed with granola for some added crunch!

What are some of your favorite yogurt toppings for breakfast? Also, if you haven’t tried FAGE-ya need to! To learn even more about this yummy yogurt and for additional recipes click here + here.

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