Five Reasons We Love Goldfish Swim School


Well let me start of by saying that we have absolutely loved partnering with Goldfish Swim School over this past year. Both of our kiddos have come so far and we are such proud parents and so thankful to the staff who cares about and for our kiddos during their lessons! There really is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child’s face when they know they have accomplished a goal set out for them and sharing in their excitement!

There are so many fun things that the Goldfish Swim Schools have opened our lives to. We absolutely love our weekly lessons and progressing their skills. I can’t believe Emily is a little fish in the water nowadays when a couple months ago she was terrified of the water and going under. Now she can hold her breath and swim underwater for way longer than I could even try to!

We attend Family Swim Nights about every other week on Friday evenings and it’s just the perfect way to wear these kiddos out at the end of the week. Being able to get in the pool they’re familiar with and swim with them while they show off and show us all they’ve learned is such an amazing bonding experience. I love being able to be close with them for that time, switching between Mommy and Daddy. Like I mentioned attending the Family Swim Nights sure do wear them out and bedtime is so much easier and quick by the time we’re home. They have had fun, we’ve had fun, everyone is worn out and it makes for such a great treat!

Did you know that Goldfish offers birthday party packages? Yep, they sure do! They literally take care of everything for you and your group has the entire facility for your time! How cool is that to be able to offer such a unique and fun birthday party experience and leave all the details up to someone else freeing your mind up to have fun and experience your child’s happiness that day!?

Goldfish caters to such a huge range of kiddos, all the way from 4 months to 12 years! I have seen firsthand how getting your child into swim lessons at an earlier age is so helpful so for me it would be the sooner, the better! Brody started when he was about one and a half years old and it really is amazing to have the level of comfort we so with him in the water.

Goldfish Swim School also offers Jump Start Clinics which is a one week daily class your child attends. Now let me tell you that Emily was terrified of swim lessons for a bit but we attended a Jump Start Clinic and it was one of the turning points for her! She felt so confident in the water afterwards and going daily got her into the routine of what swim lessons should feel like to her. She was able to get acquainted with the location and the process and everyone was and still is so kind and caring and understanding with her! I love that even if you’re doing weekly swim lessons, if your kiddo just isn’t having it, Goldfish offers additional resources you’re able to utilize to help your child succeed and gain the confidence they need!

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