A Keepsake That You’ll Love Forever


We all have little things from when our babies were brand new that we love and HAVE to hold on to forever.  I’ve got baby books {Brody’s isn’t even opened}, sleepers, shoes.  I, like lots of people, kept their hospital blankets, too.  They don’t use them and they’ve stayed folded up in storage pretty much ever since they came home but I can’t give them up.  Those hospital blankets were the first things to ever touch my babies!  


Recently I discovered Stitches By Natalie.  I fell in love with the mission of this shop!  The woman behind the brand takes your keepsakes that hold so many memories and turns them into gorgeously made stuffed animals that will be held and loved for years to come!  


So how does this work?  It’s simple, you send in a blanket or several or even clothing you’d like to incorporate into your stuffed animal, Natalie cuts and creates your animal, embroiders your baby’s birth statistics on part of the fabric, then she goes to town working her magic!  Something I LOVED most is that we received our remaining blanket parts back.  That might sound silly but I really loved knowing that our birth animals were actually from our real hospital blankets.  

These are most special to me knowing that my babies will love and use these animals for so many years to come instead of these blankets simply sitting in storage.  Every time I see these doggies it just takes me back to the day my loves were born!

Visit here to learn more about Stitches By Natalie or their Instagram here!