The Potty Training Chronicles

Let's talk about one of the most terrifying things for me to think about as a parent; Potty Training.


Why is this a terrifying thought, you ask?  Well, when Emily was going through potty training she was in daycare and during the day her teachers would do all of that stuff.  Scott and I obviously never potty trained a kiddo before so we sort of just took her teacher's lead and kept up with the consistency of what they were doing.  Emily did great after awhile with number one.  Number two was a different story.  I'm talking about screaming and crying for hours until finally her little body would literally make her go.  We had so many accidents and for the longest time I didn't know what it was going to take for her to willingly sit on the potty and go number two.  One day she had to go number one and her poo just...came out.  It was unexpected and it didn't hurt her and that was the turning point!  From that day on she was happy to go and it's been great ever since.

Emily has been potty trained since Brody was born so he knows nothing else other than seeing everyone else in the house using the potty while he's in diapers.  Just last week he heard me ask Emily if she needed to go and he ran over to the bathroom acting like he wanted to go too.  Of course I gave him the chance and-HE WENT!  He was so happy and did it like a pro, like he'd been doing it forever, I was so proud!  

So now that I've told people I keep getting the question of "When are you going to make it official?"  Well, to be honest, I don't know!  Do I want him to be potty trained and never have to deal with diapers again?  Of course, that would be amazing!  I don't want to pressure him if he's not ready though.  He just turned two a month ago so I'm on the fence.  I keep thinking that I have the opportunity to try the three-day method whenever I want since I'm home with them everyday.  

We'll see.  I hope that whenever I DO try to actually get him potty trained that it's easy since he already loves to go and be a big boy!