Getting Brody Ready For Summer!


Anyone who lives around here knows how unfortunate our weather has been recently and we're in desperate need of some Spring weather.  Who's with me?!  I've mentioned before how great it is for us to be able to keep the kiddos active with swim classes and family swim nights at our Goldfish Swim School during the cold months but I never realized until I started really seeing how confident Brody is in the water that these lessons are going to change our whole summer!  How amazing will it be to have both kiddos WAY more confident in the pool and have our minds at ease a little bit while we're playing and having fun... worth every penny of our lessons!  

Reasons I love having the kiddos in swim classes:

  1. They're practicing water safety. This is, of course, my number one priority when the babes are around water!

  2. Going under water. I'm actually shocked that both of my kiddos have no problem going under water. It kind of freaks me out a little bit because, unfortunately, this Mama doesn't know how to swim and am terrified of going under water. Again, another reason it was so important for me to get my babes in swim lessons!

  3. Even just watching the swim lessons I feel like we're able to implement the basics of the lessons at home and in our own pool!

To learn more about water safety with the Goldfish Swim School, click here!


Something cool that the Goldfish Swim School offers that help prepare kiddos that might need some extra lessons, or a, like Emily, that was having a tough time at class, are their Jump Start Clinics.  It's a 4-5 day consecutive day lesson plan.  Emily just participated in a Jump Start Clinic and it was great to see how much she actually enjoyed going to swim classes once she was going daily.  It really helps too, because Goldfish Swim School offers open swim at noon, which was right after Emily's class, so she and I were able to have fun and swim together and practice what she had learned in her class!

To find out more about Goldfish Swim Schools, click here!


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