Mama Confessions: Being A Stay At Home Parent

Let's face it, being able to stay at home everyday with my kiddos is amazing.  It's a gift from my husband who makes sacrifices for his family and allows me to be home each day and I'm so grateful!  Sometimes I feel like there are stigmas attached to being a stay at home parent, though.  You should always have a spotless home, you should be showered everyday, you should make your kids/ food at home from scratch, you should never entertain your kids with the television, the list goes on and on.  

Well, I have a couple confessions for you, here we go...

I cry

  • Almost every single day I find myself in tears.  Sometimes they're happy tears or tears because my babies are becoming such amazing human beings, but other times it's tears because I literally need to get away from them for more than two seconds but can't because they need me 100%.

I would kill to sleep in past 6:30 am

  • Ever since becoming a stay at home parent and taking my kids our of daycare I haven't slept in past, ever.  It seems like no matter how late I let the babies stay up the night before, here comes Emily right on schedule the next morning. 

I wish my mind would shut off before 1:00 am

  • I know I should sleep and that I need sleep but my mind doesn't want to let go just yet.  The kiddos occupy 100% of my day so after 9:00 pm, it's MY time and I don't want to give that up just yet!

I second guess myself

  • No one is a perfect parent.  I second guess myself 100x a day, probably more.  It's just something that is never ending.  At least once a day I'll find myself googling something one of the babies did.  My most recent Google search was, "Do boogers have calories?"  I mean, c'mon...I totally wish I didn't have to research that! 

Sometimes we don't get out of our jammies all day

  • Yup, and I don't feel bad about it one bit.

I let my kids watch television

  • There, I said it.  I'm not ashamed that I allow mu kiddos to watch a couple movies a day or some PJ Masks before bedtime.  Sometimes I actually do need to get something done during the day and thankfully we have the tv for a little relief! 

I look forward to bedtime

  • Don't we all?  I don't look forward to the "not knowing if Emily will actually stay in her bed" routine though, but that's a different story.

I can't cook

  • Nope, I sure can't.  I can cook to save my life but I SO wish I could whip up some amazing dishes that my babies will love and that I can have ready for Scott once he's home!  Send help! 

I pretend to use the restroom

  • Yeah, I've been known to fake a potty break from time to time.  But you know what ends up happening?... Those teensy adorable fingers start to slip through the bottom of the door and I hear, "Moooooommy, I see youuuuuu..."  I know you've all been there, too! 

Until my next confession, XOXO!