Mama Confessions: You're Own Words


I reached out to you guys on Facebook and Instagram to give me one of your very own Mama Confessions and man, you guys came through!  When you're reading this I want you to remember that this is a judgement-free zone!  We don't mom-shame or criticize other parents around here because we all have to do what it takes for our family, right?  So here we go!... Although I wanted to post every single reply, this post would be way too long, so here are some of my favorite "confessions" that you guys sent me!  

  1. My three year old knows how to turn on Netflix and does it every single morning when I’m still sleeping upstairs.
  2. I give my 3-year old a melatonin gummy at night when we know she is completely wound up and won’t sleep that night. She calls it a nighttime gummy and LOVES it.
  3. I give my child magic sleepy medicine! (a.k.a. melatonin)
  4.  I took a few shots of tequila to make myself feel more comfortable before going over to my in-laws house for a baby’s first birthday (no I wasn’t driving)
  5. I lock my 4 year old twins in their bedrooms at nap times and when they’re in time out.
  6. I let my kid have an ice cream sandwich at 9:30 am because I didn't want to deal with the crying. 
  7. I totally have cookies hid in my closet. I was busted by my threenager the other day and had to pretend I was chewing gum. It then led to a meltdown about sharing my fictitious gum, but I think the cookie stash is safe! 

I really LOVED hearing other moms open up about things they could be judged about but that are perfectly fine!  No harm is done, no child is in danger, and we all survived.  Here's to all of us Mamas who are making it day by day!  Xoxo!


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