6 Fun Mommy + Me Dates: Toddler Edition

Ever since Brody was born, I’ve felt like I need some special one on one time with Emily occasionally.  It’s good for the both of us to get away, just us two, and have some quality Mommy/Daughter time and we both love it!  I look forward to it so much and she’s at the age where she’s so excited to do new things and “girly” things which is just amazing for me, something I’ve wanted forever!  So let’s get right into it...  Here are six really easy and fun things to do with your babe to get in some quality one on one time together! 


•Movie Night: One of my favorite movies is Pitch Perfect 3 and I'm super excited to share it with Emily!  We've got our Vitamin Water & popcorn ready to go!

•Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream: This is an easy sell for me since I love ice cream and Emily has recently started to love it too!

•Park Date: Parks are a super fun way to spend quality time together and totally toddler approved!  We like finding new parks around our city and exploring!

•Target: I mean, is there any possible way I could leave this off the list?  No way!  I love going to Target with Emily and letting her explore without me needing to wrangle baby brother the whole time.  She'll play with toys, explore, show me what she likes.  I do usually buy her something small even though she says she wants 100 things, haha.

•Plant a Garden: I was super excited to find a gardening set at Target (of course) from their new Magnolia line!  It's got real tools and comes in the cutest little carrying bag and I know Emily will love it when she opens it as part of her Easter gift!

•Deliver cookies to local Police and fire stations: This one is special to us, seeing as how Daddy is a Police Detective and has been on the department for nearly 11 years!  It's also teaching Emily about how simple acts of kindness can work wonders!

Ok, you guys... Those are some of my favorite Mommy + Me dates that I like to do with Emily, what are some of your favorites?!  Xoxo