Am I Enough?

Am I enough? 

Man, that's a question I've asked myself over and over again, in so many different situations.  Have you asked yourself that question before, as a wife, mother, a friend, a believer, a provider?  There are so many times I've talked myself into believing that I wasn't enough.  I wasn't enough for my husband, my marriage, or to be able to raise my children, when I didn't feel like I knew enough about God to believe or that he wasn't working on things within me, or that I didn't make enough money to feel like I was contributing to our household and our children's lives. 

There are so many times when we could, and probably do, question if we're enough and I'm not sure why this question is ingrained in our minds.  But who are we really trying to be enough for?  Who were we sent here to be enough for?  Who are we trying to measure up to?  

I remember when I was younger and I felt like I wasn't enough constantly.  I was one of the shortest girls in my class, I was definitely not the thinnest, I didn't play sports, I didn't have boyfriends, I went alone to both of my proms.  I will say that my grades were good and I could sing!  I always felt happy singing and being around like minded friends who I felt comfortable with.  I just always felt like there wasn't anything special about me and that's so wrong.  I wasn't wise enough to see things that way then though.

I don't know what my children will excel in in life but I do know that I never want them asking the question, am I enough?  I know that it will still probably happen and I pray that they'll have the courage within themselves and trust in me to confide about their fears and worries.  And here is what I'll be able to tell them;

YES, yes you are enough.  You're more than enough!  You're enough because God says you are and he loves you.

This is something I try to tell myself often, too.  God sent each one of us here with purpose.  We're not accidents or mistakes...we're miracles.  He created each of us with a plan in mind and although we won't know what his plan is, it's there.  I've learned through faith that God is the only one we're living our lives for.  We're living each day just to be able to get to Him, to see our creator and savior's face.  The only one we truly have to answer to is Him and you are exactly what he wants you to be.  

Think about how boring our world would be if everyone was the same.  God didn't do that to us.  He created all of us to be able to have different strengths and different weaknesses, different wants and passions, but overall our passion should be for Him.  I want my children to feel comfortable in their own skin, even if that means being a little different or standing out.  That's awesome!  I WANT them to not fit into the mold, that's what makes them unique. 

It seems like everyone is so afraid to fail these days that they don't even try.  If no one fails what makes people try harder?  Just because you fail it doesn't mean that's the end of everything for you.  I've been there where failing is hard, it's embarrassing, it can be painful and can linger.  But I've also been on the other end of that failure and it's amazing.  What would've happened if Jesus just stopped spreading His word after one group of people didn't believe Him?  See... There's a lot more to failure.  I need to remember sometimes that even though I fail, fail at that interview, fail at keeping a perfectly clean house, fail at being kind when I know I should have been, fail at showing how God is in my heart,  but understanding that I AM still enough.  I'm enough for God and so are you.  

You're already enough for God, and until God is enough for you no person or thing ever will be.