Six Ways We Bond With Our Toddlers

  • Cooking

Cooking is about creating moments for me.  I love having the kiddos in the kitchen, on their little "stander things" as Emily likes to call it, helping Mommy and Daddy.  Brody of course is too young to really help, usually he's the one throwing everything on the floor, but Emily is totally into it!  She says she wishes she could cut things like us and she makes it sound so heartbreaking that I want to let her sometimes, haha! 

  • Swimming


We go to swim class every week at Goldfish Swim School and I love seeing Scott and Brody in the water together.  I can see that They're bonding over trust.  Brody wholeheartedly trusts Daddy and knows he won't let anything happen to him.  Scott has been great with the lessons as well, even using some of the techniques at home in the bath tub to keep Brody having fun.  Brody really loves his classes and is learning so much, it's amazing to see all the fun he's having and man, it wears his little booty out!  If you’re local I HIGHLY recommend Goldfish for swim lessons or even for a fun family night out!

  • Laundry

Having the kiddos help with the laundry is a responsibility builder.  Emily looks forward to helping me switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  She knows what drawers in her dresser are for what types of clothing and is always willing to help me put away the clean clothes.  I love how accomplished she feels once we're finished! 

  • Value of Money

Of course this is a necessary skill all kiddos need and I love being able to teach Emily how money is valued.  She has  piggy bank and we give her real money to save which she thinks is just awesome.  She's only three so it's limited on how much I can tell her that she'll really grasp onto but for now it's going great! 

  • Managing Time-getting dressed, eating meals, sleeping

I like to find ways to bond with the babes in different ways, ways that we might not even realize it's happening.  Emily likes to choose her own clothes which is great and we have a pretty good daily schedule going on right now.  Both kiddos know what happens when they wake up, what happens after lunch (nap time), what happens after nap, etc.  Once Daddy is home it's a lot of randomness but that's the fun part.

  • Reading

I know that children have really short attention spans, duh, clearly, that's a given.  I've learned that kiddos need to be taught how to focus and I love using reading as a way to help teach that skill.  Everyday the three of us will sit on the floor and have reading time.  It's so nice to just turn off all the noise and have some quiet time.

Thank you Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post.