Things You Actually Don't Need For Baby

First off, LOOK at my sweet baby girl right after she was born almost four years ago!  I'm dying!  

When we found out we were pregnant with Emily we went through the whole "gotta have every single thing" phase.  We had to have everything and believed all they hype about how every product was going to make our lives easier.  The truth was that all these things just took up extra space and made our house feel cluttered.  So here are some things I know new parents can live without; 


Baby Food Processor  

Yes, these could be convenient I suppose but any mixer, even a handheld one, will works just the same! 



Bottle Sterilizer

Nope.  These don’t save time.  Just use your dishwasher for goodness’ sake...  You’re welcome.  



Diaper Stacker 

These look nice and all but totally unnecessary.  We use a drawer for all our diapering things and it’s just fine! 



Baby Bath Tub 

So you’re a new parent.  Everything is already overwhelming.  Who wants to drag out a huge plastic tub and fill it with water, drain it, yada yada.  Just use your sink until baby is big enough for the tub and save your sanity! 




Ive always loved the nostalgia of a bassinet but in reality they’re unpractical.  Baby is going to sleep somewhere way cozier than this to begin with before determining what works best for your family and after that they’ll be too big for this precious bassinet!  



Pack N Play 

We really thought we’d use a Pack N Play before we had Emily.  It was on our baby registry and was purchased for us but sadly we only used it when she was tiny.  We stored her clothes in it and would use the infant insert to change her diaper.  We o our did that for about a month until it started really hurting my back after bending at an odd angle.  Plus once baby starts moving they’re definitely not going to want to be confined.  



Bottle a Drying Rack 

These racks are convenient but like I mentioned above, the best way to clean bottles and bottle parts that I’ve found is in the dishwasher and everything gets dry in there.  



Wipe Warmer 

Your baby is t going to care whether the wipes are warmed or not.  Trust me.  



Bottle Warmer 

Again, this is something we swore we needed to make bottles consumable for our babes but in reality it hindered us.  Warming up the bottles made it way harder to transition Emily to cold milk at 12 months.  Who has time for this anyway!?  



Changing Table 

Yep.  I said it.  You’re not going to need a changing table.  They look nice in. Urseries but really they just turn into an eyesore that’s never tidy.  If you’re looking to invest in something I’d recommend a dresser that can be used with a changing table insert! 



Diaper Pail 

Last but not least, the diaper pail.  We had two of these.  One for upstairs and one downstairs.  We realized early on that buying and using the specific bags was a pain.  Emptying our am extra trash each day was a pain. Overall, in my opinion, just a waste of money.