10 Things I Can't Live Without

Faith;  For me, faith is not about needing proof of something but rather believing in what you feel and know in your heart.  I know God is there and I can call on him whenever I need to.  I know that if things aren't the best right now, that God has a bigger plan and a purpose for me.  

It's a 10 Miracle Spray;  I'm not kidding you when I say that this spray changed my hair so much for the better.  It makes it detangled, soft and shiny and smells so so good!  Check it out here

DockATot;  Both of my kiddos use a dock and they both love it!  Brody started out in a Deluxe dock and it saved our sanity at night while he was little and now he used Emily's Grand size.  The Grand helped transition Emily from her crib to her toddler bed in TWO nights!  Brody sleeps every single night in his dock and loves it!

Apple Music;  We love us some dance parties around here.  With two toddlers, dance parties are a necessity in this house.  Apple music makes it easy for me to listen to any song, ever!  Seriously if you're a music junkie, $10 a month is nothing for all the music you could ever want. 

Muslin blankets;  Since we've had Emily we've always had muslin blankets everywhere, all over our house, in our cars, in our diaper bags...  Literally, they're always around.  Kids love them and have become attached to certain ones, they're so warm but still breathable and I totally feel comfortable allowing them to be in the crib and bed with the kiddos.  I'll list links to some of my favorite ones!


Mascara;  Ahh mascara, the one product I can always count on to make me feel a tiny bit put together.  

The Office;  Yep, if you follow me Instagram you probably know I'm an Office-aholic.  I'm always watching the series over and over.  I don't even know why sometimes other than the fact that I literally never get tired of Michael Scott, or Jim annoying Dwight, or of course Jim and Pam...the greatest love story of all time! 

Dance parties;  Like I mentioned above, gotta-have-dance-parties!  Something about music calms my toddlers down and can stop a crying fit so fast.

My camera;  This is an obvious one for me.  I'm an obsessive over capture-er and don't regret a single thing about it.  I've been trying hard to be more focused on BEING in the moment instead of always having my camera ready but that's easier said than done.  I grew up with a ton of photos of my childhood and I hope to one day have my babies appreciate that they can look back on their upbringing and see that happy and raw moments.

The VSCO app;  This app is a God-send for me.  I literally can import my photos to my phone or iPad and edit them in about one minute or less.  The A6 preset is what I always use, tweak it, and export.