Finding Time For The Little Things


It baffles my adult mind some of the things Emily says these days.  She's so smart, so funny, and super sassy!  Every day she seems to speak like she's older and older and part of me loves it of course but part of me wants her to stay little forever.  I want her to always want to cuddle, and kiss me, and crave my attention.  I love when she comes up with fun ideas all on her own that I surely wouldn't come up with.  For instance: rain stomping.  After it rained the other day all she wanted to do was to put on her "lellow boots" and jump in the muddy puddles.  I loved our time together while we were just messing around, having our little conversations that I never want to forget, holding hands, and of course her sassy booty bossing me around.  


Right now seems to be the hardest time to be a parent.  With all kinds of people and places telling us HOW to parent and what to do, what not to do, all kinds of "help" that isn't solicited... It's so nice to be able to capture, remember, and share my favorite little run-of-the-mill memories with my babies someday!