Snack Time With Once Upon A Farm


Over the past week or so I've been able to start giving Brody his squeezy packs and letting him learn to feed himself!  Part of me gets that "oh man, it's so nice" feeling but another part of me is all sappy knowing I won't ever really need to feed him these things again.  My baby boy is growing up, it's inevitable.


Okay, okay, enough sappy mama emotions.  Let;s talk about some awesome food for your littles.  I'm talking about, you guessed it, Once Upon A Farm.  Once Upon A Farm uses fresh, whole ingredients picked in season from partner farms.  Their foods are cold pressure protected and refrigerated then delivered fresh from their farm to your highchair!  Even their packaging is eco-friendly, I mean-who does that?!  There are no preservatives, concentrates, or processed purees used and you'll never find citric acid, sugars, or lemon juice concentrates in their blends.  Once Upon A Farm is just an all around win-win.

Did I metion they have subscription packages to make things even easier?  Right now they're offering 17% off regular pricing, free shipping PLUS a free monthly surprise (includes items such as extra pouches, recipes, other baby products, bibs, etc) + other special savings when you subscribe.


Shop subscriptions here!


A couple of Brody's favorites (although, let's be real here-he loves them all!):