Emily's Big Girl Bed!


I've been searching for a big girl bed for Emily for quite some time.  It's always easier to shop for a mattress for yourself, knowing what you like and all, rather than for your kiddo, am I right?!  With crib and toddler bed mattresses there really aren't that many choices to make! 


When I was able to partner up with Lull I was more than excited!  If you're not familiar with Lull, they're an amazing company who's mattresses have an advanced three-layer technology that makes for an amazing night's sleep.  One thing I absolutely love is how their mattresses are shipped: in a box!  The box shows up on your doorstep, you move your Lull box to the room you are putting your mattress and open it up!  It's so simple.  Emily (and Brody) loved helping Scott open up her new mattress.  The best part about this whole day was our jumping contests!  Spoiler alert: Emily won!


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