Ever Heard Of Ketosis?

We've all been there.  You know that awkward place when you're not comfortable in your own skin but you're too embarrassed or blinded to be able to admit it?  Yeah, that was me a couple weeks ago.  Real talk here, after bringing two amazing human beings into the world by cesarean there was nothing that I recognized about myself.  Well, maybe my hair, I recognized my hair! 

For the past three-ish years I've been living in oversized tops and sweaters and yoga pants.  It just is what it is. 

I heard about the keto diet on social media, Instagram actually, about two and a half months ago.  In those past months I kid you not-I've researched about this diet every night while I was working.  I learned about macronutrients, how this way of eating remetabolizes your body to run off of fat, what I can and can't have, how there will be NO cheat days on this diet and so much more.  Everyday I would go home and say, "Okay, tomorrow is the day!"  Once I woke up though, I fell into a pattern.  I'd be lazy or tired or just bored and start to fall right back into my old habits.  I'd eat something I'm not able to have on the keto diet and think, "Well, I'll start tomorrow." 

That was my way of thinking and acting for over two months...TWO MONTHS!  I don't really know what changed in my mind when I woke up July 31st, but I looked in the mirror and decided it was now or never.  Right then I felt like I owed it to my 31 year old self to prove that I have self-worth and to learn self-love, because to be honest, I didn't love myself very much. 

I'd love to be able to say that vanity has nothing to do with this, but I'd be lying.  Of course, just like anyone else, I would love to be able to be excited to go shopping and to walk in any store knowing I'll be able to find something I like.  When I look back at photos of me and my little ones I want to be able to like what I see, not think negative thoughts about my appearance.  I know, I know, "love yourself no matter what size you are"..."size doesn't matter"..."the average American woman is a size 14-16, not a size 4"..."don't compare yourself to others".  Those sayings are all nice to hear, but easier said than done for sure. 

So anyway, I might add in later my starting weight and goal weight, all that jazz, not now though.  Not until I'm comfortable doing that! 

So what is ketosis anyway? Ketosis is the metabolic state in which some of the body's energy supply comes from ketones in the blood, instead of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides energy.  Basically you're supposed to eat a high fat, moderate protein, super low carb diet.  That means I can have all the yummy cheeses, bacon, avocados, and ranch I want!  YUM! 

I stumbled around the first couple of days for sure.  I was simply trying to eat too much food at one time.  I tried to fast until dinner time (which was easy for me) then at dinner time I was just overloaded.  Also, I didn't really look up recipes and learn ways to get more fats easily so I was literally trying to force two avocados down...didn't work!

Once I Pinterested (is that a word!?) a couple recipes and made some modifications since I'm not the world's best cook, I felt like I had a pretty good thing going.  I'll post links to some of my favorite recipes so far below!

If you're interested at all in learning about the keto diet I'll have some links below as well that really helped me a ton and still do! 

I'd love to hear what motivates you all to change your lifestyle?  Was there one specific event?  Did someone say something to you?  Is it solely for you? 

What's the one thing that finally made me realize I needed to make a change? ... I wasn't able to wear my wedding rings comfortably in over a year.  I couldn't get them on or off without water.  How embarrassing is that!?  I can't believe I'm even putting that information out there but I am. 

Anyway, I plan to update you all every now and again, or on a regular basis depending how things go for me.  After just under two weeks doing the keto diet I can happily say that my energy level is way up, my hunger level is down, I don't crave my weaknesses like ice cream, and I'm slowly learning how to cook more fun things.  Also, yes, my wedding rings all go on and off without water now and I couldn't be happier.  So far I'm down 11 pounds, most of which is most likely water weight but hey, I'll take it!

Here are two must have recipes! 

Cheesy Chicken & Broccilo (I don't make this as a casserole.  I pan fry chicken in butter, adding garlic salt, steam broccoli and mix it with sour cream and cream cheese, add my chicken and top with cheese...YUM...by far my favorite dish so far)

Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Click here for the website that helped me get started! (It's free!)

If I could give one piece of advice from someone who hasn't been doing this diet long it would be to PLAN.  I don't mean to meal plan, that has never worked for me, but just to plan at least one night in advance.  I tend to go to the store daily or at least every other day too.  I really enjoy getting out of the house and that gets me my fix without my fix needing to include going out to eat!

Until next time...XO