Finding My Normal


Man, two kids is rough.  I'm always tired, there's never enough time to do everything I need to do or want to do in one day, the kids are cranky, then happy, then upset again all the time, and I'm always at the beck and call of someone other than me.  It's hard, you guys!  Motherhood and parenthood is no joke.  

Some of you might know that Brody was colicky when he was new so those first three months are a serious blur to me.  I feel like I'm finally figuring out what is our new "normal" 13 months later.  Life with two little ones, daycare, babysitting, two parents working full-time jobs, trying to deal with everything inside the house, making time to go to the park, go swimming, birthday parties, do crafts, even bathe! all takes so so much energy that neither my husband or I seem to have.  Oh and not to mention trying to find time for just us two, like what;s that?


Anyway, I think we are finally finding our groove.  Emily and Brody are sleeping through the night now, Brody can express himself a little more so we're not totally guessing at what he needs constantly, Emily and Brody are learning how to get along and share toys and play together.  Life is just on a good path right now and I couldn't be more optimistic.  Now if we could just find time for ourselves, that's the icing on the cake!   


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