10 Things To Be Happy About

  1.   A healthy family
  2.   Freshly washed sheets
  3.   A shower! (Right, mamas!)
  4.   Taking a nap
  5.   Looking forward to something
  6.   Dance parties
  7.   You are loved
  8.   Saying words of appreciation
  9.   Target
  10.  Seeing changes in yourself

Having a healthy family is sort of a no brainer to be something you’re happy for, but we tend to forget to be happy about that until someone is sick!   

Ok, so let’s talk sheets.  It might sound like something so normal and everyday but come on...how awesome is it to jump in bed at the end of your long day to the smell of super clean sheets?!  It’s like heaven, right? 

Any mama I know will agree with me that being able to get a shower in for yourself during the day is nothing short of a miracle.  I absolutely adore the time I have to myself when either the babies are napping or the hubs watches them once he’s home and I’m able to shower.  Alone.  It’s just the perfect refresher for any day.  

If I’m not showering during the babies’ nap time, I’m sleeping!  Well, trying to at least.  I don’t know about you but once both babes are in bed at night I’ve become a night owl.  I love joy having the tv to myself, being able to actually utilize our end table for drinks knowing they won’t be spilled, finally getting a chance to relax.  Right now I’m just not ready to give that up.  I’ve also never been a morning person so by the time my babies need a nap—so do I! 

I feel like I’m a happier person when I have something to look forward to.  Whether it’s something like knowing we’re meeting friends for lunch or even heading out to Target for our weekly groceries, I really enjoy knowing we’ve got something planned!

Dance parties!  Someone told me once when I was pregnant with Brody to, “Get ready for lots of dance parties!”  They were right!  Having two toddlers, there is non-stop drama most of the time in our house.  Haha.  One is pretty much usually about to lose it or loosing it.  Needless to say, music is awesome for kiddos and when I put on happy music it always always always calms everyone down. 

Remember that you’re loved.  Even if you don’t feel loved during whatever it is you’re going through.  There’s a higher power who loves us all no matter what we do or did and no matter what we’re going through.  

It amazes me how happy I feel after I give a compliment or praise someone else.  I feel like we’re just programmed to seek out praise but really that’s not what it’s all about at all.  

This one is one of the easiest on my list, like duh!  Haha!  Target is a mama’s dream, especially when you get to go alone!  For some reason those red walls lined with Starbucks and Chip & Joanna gear just makes this mama heart go pitter-patter! 

Changes.  No one likes it really but they need to happen sometimes.  It’s hard to change yourself the most I think.  At least t is for me.  I’ve really been trying to make positive changes in my life by giving others grace and accepting that we’re not all the same and that we won’t all be on the same page about things.   

Cute photo of the boy just because! 👇🏻