Two Year Old Treasures

Click to find out where this beautiful bow is from!

Click to find out where this beautiful bow is from!

I remember when I was younger and growing up I never wanted for anything but material possessions weren't just given to me either.  Looking back, and especially since having two little ones of my own now, I totally realize that what I remember and love most about my childhood aren't the toys and clothes but the time spent with my parents and my family.  I remember going to parks and to my Aunt's huge farm and finding tiny frogs all over her porch. I remember holidays spent with a huge group of extended family and running around trying to fit in with my younger brother and my all boy cousins that didn't want me there.  I definutely remember all those awkward teenage years and seeing photos now thinking, "What was I DOING?!"

Anyway, it's amazing seeing the relationship my parents now have with Emily.  She loves visiting them and since they live about an hour away, most times she stays the weekend with them and they all have so much fun and go on lots of "adventures".

My parents live in a small town and not much has changed since I moved away.  They're close to a little dentist office where there is a separate building and a little walkway going between the two and Emily finds her "treasures" there.  

Today I gave Emily her new Mini Earhart Bag from Morning Light Adventure Co. and told her it was for her treasures.  When she came back to show me what she collected with Papaw, she told me there was a big bug in there.  I didn't believe her but there sure was! There was a praying mantis in her bag and she loved him!

We all eventually took Mr. Mantis outside to let him go be with his family again. 

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