Holiday Gift Guide: Mama

You guys!  Black Friday is finally here!  I hope everyone is finishing up if you went out and about the malls and department stores and hope you were able to snag everything you wanted!  I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite products for Mamas and some awesome online deals below!

Happy shopping.  Xoxo


Tiny Tags

These personalized 24 karat gold-plated necklaces are a steal at only $135.00.  I can't imagine any Mama out there who wouldn't adore wearing their babies' names everyday, and not to mention in such a simple and stylish way!  

SALE ALERT: Through November 28th, Tiny Tags is offering 10% off a $100.00 purchase (code gifts10), 15% off a $150.00 purchase (code gifts15), and 20% off a $200.00 purchase (code gifts20)!

The Oyster's Pearl 

The owners of The Oyster's Pearl are pretty amazing.  They are a husband and wife team from the midwest, Emily designs everything and her husband, Brad, prints!  Everything is handprinted and the designs are exclusive to The Oyster's Pearl!  Not only do they have tees for everyone in your family, but also stationary, totes and much more!

These tees are an awesome gift for your Grammar Police in your family and check out their store, you'll be sure to find something you fall in love with for any woman in your life.

Cln & Drty

Cln & Drty is an all natural skincare line with each product being of the highest quality and so amazing for the skin.  

To learn more, click the link below to read our entire review!

Logan and Lenora

These are by far my all-time favorite on-the-go bags for me and my family!  Each bag, whether it be small or large, is totally lined and waterproof and there are a ton of sizes and patterns to choose from.  I use these for snacks, to organize my diaper bags, when we go swimming or for accidents while we're out these are wonderful!  

Rachel, the owner of Logan & Lenora, is an amazing designer and covered every single thing you could imagine with her bags.  She recently released new designs that are even better for Mamas, with straps and gorgeous tassels that can dress up anything!

Be sure to see below for a special discount code! 

SNIPPETS15 for Free Shipping + 15% off orders over $15!