My Baby Girl Is Growing Up!

Do you ever look at your first born and think, "Man, when did she get so big and independent!?"  


Our family has had so many changes happen this week and lots of craziness with schedules changing and shuffling the babies around to be taken care of.  It'll be nice when I'm able to have some time off with them at home just hanging out.  


Emily has never had to go to a daycare until this week and it's been quite a chore getting her there.  Once she's there though, she's fine and happy.  Brody now stays with Grandma while I sleep.  


Ever since Emily has gone to daycare, only for a week, it seems like she's already a whole year older!  She asked to put her pajamas on today and started taking off her own jeans!  I couldn't believe it.  I know it's just getting undressed but that's a big step for my little two year old first born baby girl!  Everything she does that shows more and more independent just makes me miss her needing me like she used to do.  Ok, enough mommy blubbering.  


Emily's jeans are from @twobytwo.blues! 

Small Shop Love: Little Tree Togs + a Discount Code!

Let's talk about rompers, shall we?  I'm obsessed with rompers for girls about 3 years old and younger!  They're so easy to wear and coordinate with so many things for different looks.

One of my new favorite small shop makers is Little Tree Togs!  Their pieces are all handmade in good old California.  The quality of all the pieces we've ever had is amazing.  I love the fit too, very true to size, which is nice knowing how off some sizing can be!  I know I can count of the right size to arrive to us from LTT.  

First seen here, The Vintage Floral Romper.  It's so beautiful for all year wear with the blues and teals seen here!

Our mustard leotard underneath is from!

Our mustard leotard underneath is from!

Emily's navy knee highs are from!

Emily's navy knee highs are from!

Secondly, we have The Willow Romper.  How gorgeous are the straps on this romper?!  I am seriously loving the ruffles, they add just the right amount of super femininity to these style rompers! 

Our gorgeous & WASHABLE rug is from

Our gorgeous & WASHABLE rug is from

Use the code EMILYRP16 for a special discount!