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Putting Motherhood First + Slowing Down

Sometimes it's so hard to slow the heck down and take time out for you.  Whether that means you and your babies or you as a person being alone, you need time, we all do!  I know that Brody is our last little one so I've started to have a love/hate relationship with all the new things he's been doing.  I love that he is becoming so independent and expressive but I also hate knowing that all of his firsts are now all of my lasts.  It really makes me want to cry sometimes, just, please time-slow down! 

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10 Simple & Fun Toddler Activities

With summer coming to an end I really am looking forward to finding some fun things to do with Emily (and Brody of course) that don't include water.  Living in Indiana there are definitely four seasons and Fall is by far my favorite!  I'll be sharing 10 simple, fun, and CHEAP activities to do with toddlers today.  

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Quality Time With A Three Year Old

This past year has been an interesting one for us.  Emily is three and a half now and basically runs the show.  She's so independent and strong willed.  She's got a huge imagination and a mind of her own, which I adore.  Sometimes she'll want to cuddle up and relax but most of the time she's non-stop, wanting to go go go. 

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Brody Has A New Bestfriend

If you have kiddos you probably have realized that at one point or another they become super attached to something.  Emily has always been obsessed with muslin blankets.  Like she has 30 of them and always has to have one with her at all times!  It's so cute though, I totally understand that those blankets are her security zone and help her feel safe.  

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