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Putting Motherhood First + Slowing Down

Sometimes it's so hard to slow the heck down and take time out for you.  Whether that means you and your babies or you as a person being alone, you need time, we all do!  I know that Brody is our last little one so I've started to have a love/hate relationship with all the new things he's been doing.  I love that he is becoming so independent and expressive but I also hate knowing that all of his firsts are now all of my lasts.  It really makes me want to cry sometimes, just, please time-slow down! 

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I Have No Babies Left

I can't believe the day has come where both of my babies are out of the house during the week.  It started with Emily going to school (daycare) about a year ago and now Brody.  This past week Brody started going to a 9 am to 3 pm "Parent's Day Out" program.  He doesn't even cry when I drop him off and goes right to his teachers.  I remember Emily cried and cried, which hurt my heart, but Brody not crying hurts too!  Part of me wants him to be upset, is that bad? 

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The Best Shoes For Foot Development!

Let's talk baby feet, shall we?  Baby feet aren't "ready to walk" on when they're born, we all know that.  Their little feet need to develop enough strength to actually walk.  Once they do begin taking those first amazing steps, it's recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists to have shoes made of natural materials that hold up well for learning walkers that are non-restrictive. 

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