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Books That Heal

The other day Brody’s school sent home a letter to us telling us that a student in his class had experienced a seizure and that some of the other kids were a little upset when it happened because they saw it all. Brody was one of those kids and I can totally understand, he’s only two years old and seeing another little kiddo his age go through a seizure when you’re so young can be hard to understand! I feel so much for the child who had the seizure, I just couldn’t imagine.

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Water Safety For Spring Break

Four days until the 1st day of Spring and Indiana hasn’t gotten the hint yet. I’m happy to be able to partner with Goldfish Swim School to bring you guys a big announcement from The American Academy of Pediatrics! They have just announced their updated recommendations to prevent drowning in children and here are some awesome and easy to remember tips from Andrew Joseph, owner of Goldfish Swim Schools in Indianapolis for water safety!

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I have been wanting for awhile now to take a social media break. I know Instagram and Facebook takes up too much of my day and attention away from my family but wasn’t able to make the commitment yet because of already scheduled projects and all. Yesterday’s apocalypse was a blessing in disguise.

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4 Mama + Kiddo Matching Outfits You Need For Spring & Summer

Y’all, I used to say that I would never match my kids. I’m talking literally match every single thing, and I don’t! I have recently found some super sweet outfits from brands I love that I wanted to share that coordinate and in my opinion, are just meant to go together. I posted a photo and had so many questions about where I found my outfit and the kiddos’ outfits and about sizing and what I’m into this season so I figured I’d share! I’m totally feeling the summer and vacation vibes with these so here we go…

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Things You Actually Don't Need For Baby

First off, LOOK at my sweet baby girl right after she was born almost four years ago!  I'm dying! 

When we found out we were pregnant with Emily we went through the whole "gotta have every single thing" phase.  We had to have everything and believed all they hype about how every product was going to make our lives easier.  The truth was that all these things just took up extra space and made our house feel cluttered.  So here are some things I know new parents can live without

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10 Things To Be Happy About

Having a healthy family is sort of a no brainer to be something you’re happy for, but we tend to forget to be happy about that until someone is sick!   

Ok, so let’s talk sheets.  It might sound like something so normal and everyday but come awesome is it to jump in bed at the end of your long day to the smell of super clean sheets?!  It’s like heaven, right? 

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DIY Last Minute Minnie Mouse Costume

If you’re anything like me you’ve got way too much going on to think long and hard about your kiddos’ Halloween costumes but of course you still want them to be cute and something they’ll love.  Today Emily helped me make her Minnie Mouse costume from pieces we already had at home, #winning!  I love when I can get double duty out of our pieces so these types of costumes are my favorite! 

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