Why We Continue Swim Lessons In The Winter

Ahh yes, winter is definitely here in Indiana and the Midwest. I for one am not a fan of most things winter-related. I don’t like wearing coats, lots of layers, I am a sandals person and can’t stand wearing boots, all the time it takes to get my kiddos ready to simply walk outside, feeling stuck inside all the time, not to mention the SNOW that we get around here that turns into ice. I mean…all that sounds glorious, right? Wrong.


We have loved being able to team up with Goldfish Swim School to share about why we continue to attend our swim lessons even in these cold winter months that we won’t be utilizing our skills in another pool!

Now our kiddos were never in swim lessons before Goldfish and they have literally flourished while attending the weekly classes. Having my kiddos learn to swim is very important to me seeing as how I am 33 years old and still don’t know how to swim. We love getting our suits in our bags and heading to class and it’s something we all look forward to each and every week. I love that Goldfish offers swimming lessons for kiddos from 4 months to 12 years and I can’t wait to see where our lessons continue to take us! Some of the reasons we love continuing our lessons are below!

  • With Spring Break coming followed shortly by Summer I want my kids to be prepared and there is literally no better way to get prepared and have them be confident swimmers than swim lessons. This Summer may very well be the first time I don’t get anxiety watching my kids jump in a pool without me in there, especially Emily who’s four years old. She is a dang fish!

  • I love seeing both my kiddos listen and learn to pay attention to an adult other than family. There was a time when we first started that Emily hated swim lessons but being consistent and continuing to show up really proved to be the thing that worked for her and now she is loving it! We are trying our best to be intentional about our choices this year big time, and continuing swim lessons has proved to be a big win for us!

  • Winter around here obviously means that it’s so much harder for us to get the kids out and about and let them run out their energy. Goldfish swim lessons allow us to let them get exercise! We do lessons once a week of course but then, usually every other week, we will go to Family Swim Nights which I’ve talked about before. We adore these evenings when we all swim as a family and it, again, allows for our kids to get some much needed exercise!

  • A perk I love is the allowance for free swim make-up classes. Weather has unfortunately caused us to miss two lessons this past month but we were easily able to make them up and keep up with everyone’s progress. Emily even MOVED UP this week and, as you can see, she is so proud and so are we!

We seriously love everyone at our Goldfish Swim School which is in Carmel! There is another location in Fishers, IN as well!

Goldfish Swim School has provided me with the experience of lessons for my candid reviews.