Why My Kids Take Swim Lessons Even After Summer!

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It's September and her in good old Indiana my four year old has been going to half day pre-school for a little over a month and my two year old goes to "school" 2 days a week.  They both have been loving going to school and seeing their friends and teachers and I've been loving it, too!  This is our first year with kiddos in school and it's been so good for them!  With everything going on in the life of a family with two toddlers, things and schedules can get crazy busy.  It seems like some days we are non-stop but others are just a little boring.  But hey, I like boring, so...  To be honest I really don't know what I'm gonna do when they're on their breaks and let me tell you there are so many breaks!  Fall break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break...and probably more that I'm not thinking of and they're mostly like TWO WEEKS each!  Oh my goodness, people!  

Anyway, something that has really seemed to help our whole family is having a routine!  I have always loved routines so this was easy for me.  In Indiana, Fall is always here and with it comes so many fun things for families to do.  I'm talking about apple orchards, pumpkin picking, Fall festivals, all things leading up to Halloween, Oktoberfests, and of course my favorite: family photos!  In Fall it seems like it's so much easier to find things to do and around here it's not sweltering hot so we actually don't mind doing them outside!  Even adding all these fun activities to our schedule there is one thing I do NOT want to stop doing...swim lessons

After talking to one of my girlfriends who takes her son to swim lessons she told me that last week was his last lesson until next summer.  I asked her why, thinking maybe he was having a hard time or something and she was given ing him a break, but she said because they'll just be too busy with school and all the other things coming up, etc.  I was all, " Aww ok, well we'll miss seeing you guys every week!", but in my head I was thinking WHAT?! 

For us, swim lessons is a priority and not to say that they aren't a priority for her and her son, but it's a big enough priority for us to continue all year long!  Our kiddos learn so much from swim lessons.  They learn to listen, to be patient, to be SAFE.  They learn to have confidence in their abilities and I absolutely love that.  Taking Emily to swim lessons used to be a struggle.  She would scream and cry and disrupt the entire class.  She would be shaking once she got out because she was so upset.  At one point I stopped taking her because there really was no point but she got her courage up to try it again after seeing baby brother continually going and now my girl is flourishing!  She even has already moved up to the next level after one class!  

Like I mentioned above, routines are helpful to us.  This is how our day goes on our Wednesdays:

  • 7:30-wake up

  • 8:30-drop off Emily at school

  • 9:00-drop off Brody at school

  • 11:30-pick up Emily

  • 12:00-lunch

  • 1:00-nap

  • 3:00-pick up Brody

  • 4:00-Daddy's home

  • 4:45-leave for swim lessons (grab dinner on the go!)

  • 5:45-arrive to the Goldfish Swim School and change clothes

  • 6:00-lessons for both kiddos

  • 6:45-head home

  • 7:30-Brody's bedtime

  • 8:30-Emily's bedtime

Wednesdays are generally go-go-go for us, keeping in mind that I am trying to fit in work, showers, cleaning, and whatever else is needed all day long when I can!  I love being on the go all the time so these days are fun for Me.  Having a routine helps me too! 

I love to continue swim lessons all year also for the added benefit of exercise!  Fall is approaching us now and it's glorious weather in the evenings but once Winter gets here, unless we're playing in our 4 feet of snow, no one wants to be freezing outside and there's only so much running around like crazy people we can do inside our house so having our swim lessons to look forward to gives us at least one night we know our kiddos will be getting good exercise out of the house.  We also LOVE going to Family Swim Nights on Fridays and that gets us all in the water moving around and having fun together!

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