We Are All Leaders!


Oh Sundays. Sundays are church days for us and I love it so much. We've been going to the evening services but switched it up to the mornings and this morning, the Worship Team killed it! ⁣

I always love learning about faith and everything that comes along with that because let's be real here, I'm new at this whole following-Jesus thing. Today we talked about verses from Matthew including 23:27 which from what I gathered is Jesus talking to the future leaders of the first church calling them hypocrites; whitewashed tombs, pretty on the outside but dead on the inside, full of bones and filthy. ⁣

Our pastor made a really impactful statement that if you're responsible for ANYONE other than yourself, you're a leader. I didn't know before I started following Jesus that all sin is equal. That means that we, as leaders, have got to stop minimizing our sins because you know what?... God sent His very son to be murdered for ALL of our sin, not just "the big ones". ⁣

Social media, since so many time we post only the highlights of our lives, have a way of making me, I don't know about you, feel like I need to cover up my sins. But every single person sins. There's not a perfect person who ever existed other than Jesus himself.