The Strongest Mama I Know

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty®.

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Can we talk about something real today?  I'm talking about our Mamas, the ones who made us, love us no matter what.  The one person hopefully all of us can now, as mothers ourselves, relate to.  We can!?  Ok, good.


The textbook definition of a mother is a woman in relation to her child.  I have a lot of definitions for a mother though; Someone who will love you unconditionally until her last breathe, Someone who does the work of twenty for free, Someone who is selfless and a creator of memories, and my favorite...Someone who sacrifices her sleep, body, social life, money, hot coffee, peeing alone, patience, memory, energy, and sanity for love. 

Moms have to be strong for their kiddos, right?  I agree.  I'm so fortunate to have grown up in a home where my mother was that strong person in my life.  No, she wasn't the breadwinner of our family, no she didn't go to college, and no, she didn't give me every single thing I wanted.  What she did do though was so much more and so much more important.  We can't judge someone's character and love for their family on things mentioned above.  

Let me tell you a little bit about my Mom.

My Mom grew up without a lot of money but that didn't stop her from wanting all the best things for me when I was growing up.  She stayed at home with my brother and I for 10 years until she went back to work.  She didn't just go get any job though, she had a night job.  She sacrificed so much of herself in order to be there with us after school and in the mornings and lose her sleep all night long.  My Mom has battled cancer and overcome it THREE times!  Three times, you guys.  Talk about being a strong woman!  In fact, even though she had surgeries my brother and I never even knew about it until we were older.  I have no idea how that was kept from us since my Mom is a go-go-go type person but dang!  Eleven years ago my parents experience a flood in their home and nearly lost everything they owned.  That didn't have a negative effect on my Mom.  It actually had the opposite effect.  After the flood, not much else material mattered to my parents.  Of course they had to basically get all new everything for their home but what really mattered was family, and time together.  Knowing you have someone to rely on no matter what who has been through so much, there's something calming about that.  My Mom also has lost both of her parents, my Grandmother passing away a few years back.  That was such a hard time and seeing how I feel about my Mom at this point in my life, everything she helps me with, everything I can talk to only her about, the amount of trust I have for her, I really don't know how my Mom made it through my Grandmother's passing with such grace.

I've learned so much from my Mom and I'm so thankful that my daughter gets to experience life with her too!  I love that she's truthful, even when it hurts to hear what she's saying. I hope to pass that onto Emily for sure and want her to know she can trust me with anything like I do my Mom.  I love that my Mom fights for what she wants, not material things but emotional things, people for her life, and for who she loves.  Let's face it, being a Mom is hard and sometimes you have to be ultra strong!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty®.

Some photos of my Mama and her first grandbaby...!