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What Does A Stay At Home Mom Do All Day?

So what does a stay at home mom do all day?  There definitely is no one size fits all in this category.  Everyone's life and lifestyles are different.  I wanted to document through photography what my day as a stay at home mom looks like from the time the babies wake up just until Daddy comes home at 4:00 pm.  I feel like there's a misconception that parents who stay home with their children sit them in front of the television all day and that's it.  I'm sure there are some that do that, but not me.  Here's a look at 8-9 hours of my day... 

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Time To Slow Down

Can you friggin’ believe it’s only 4 days until Christmas?!  I can’t, and not to mention that our celebrations start the 23rd with family so... WHOOP WHOOP!

Very recently, like last month recent, I started going to church.  I can’t explain how much this has been helping my life.  The first service I went to felt like the preacher was speaking directly to me. 


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DIY Snowman

It's almost Christmas!  I seriously love this time of the year so much now that I have these amazing little kiddos who find so much joy and happiness from everything going on.  I try to include one craft a day in our house now that the kiddos stay at home with me.  I had most of the pieces needed for this project laying around the house so it was super super inexpensive.

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When You Know, You Just Know.

Sometimes it's honestly hard to put into words the amount of love mothers have for their babies.  These smart, amazing, gorgeous, sweet, loving, sometimes annoying little humans have taken over my world and there's no way I'd rather be having my days go by.  I love seeing their love for one another.  It gives me hope that there is still good in the world.  I know I can feel Him coming through in their sweet little souls and I couldn't be happier about it.    

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The Truth About Your Second Child

I remember when I was pregnant with Brody and hearing so much that the second time around the baby doesn't get as much attention, parents don't take as many photos, parents put the kiddo in daycare sooner... all kinds of things that people were semi joking about showing how much more protected parents are of their first baby.  There are even those commercials showing the Mom handing her baby to an oil covered mechanic and her toddler standing next to her but showed how spotlessly clean she was with her first baby, haha! 

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