Two Fall Trends + Gift Cards & Sales!

So, living in Indiana our Falls are totally unpredictable.  It can be really annoying sometimes!  Usually in the morning you will need a jacket but can go sleeveless by the afternoon, then back with your jacket in the evenings.  Because of this, I tend to look for pieces that can easily transition with our weather, of course.

This Fall, according to New York Fashion Week, ruffles and variations of tan are all the rage.  Of course in my real world and Mommy-hood I'm never going to be able to dress like the models at Fashion Week but I think it's fun to incorporate these trends in our own wardrobe in our own way! 

Jewel tones are always a favorite of mine, especially in Fall and around the holidays and I'm so drawn to them when shopping for myself.  I seem to have two wardrobes; all neutrals or no neutrals.  Not sure how that happened!  

All of these pieces are super affordable and Some pieces can be found locally for the most part.  Ladies, keep in mind that some of these accessories would be great gifts if you're looking!  

My tote: Madewell.  This is the Transport Tote, which Madewell is known for and it's is their signature piece.  I love this tote so much because it's totally multi-purpose for me as a Mama of two littles.  I can hold any and everything in this bag and the leather it's made of is so soft and an amazing color.  Dark Cabernet is shown here.  Keep in mind if you're loving this tote for yourself or as a gift that you can have it embossed with your initials to totally personalize it!  I love mine being personalized and get so many compliments about that feature.  Currently these totes are on sale and Madewell is offering an additional 20% off! Like, seriously, it's a no brainer here.

My slightly ruffled tie-neck blouse is from Target and was less than $28.00!  I love that this top can be dressed up super easily with different colors that compliment it well.  Also, like I mentioned, easily toss on a cardigan, jacket, or blazer for those chilly times of the day.

My boots are also from Target and are actually very comfortable which is a word I never use in regards to any type of healed shoe.  Being only 5 foot 1", I really like where these boots stop on my ankle not cutting my legs off too much.  I love folding my jeans to show a tiny bit of ankle there but these boots would look fabulous with bottoms tucked in.  

My bracelet... Let me fill you in on this awesome little piece.  This bracelet is a Bela Bracelet and guess what?  It's a hair-tie holder!  I'm not kidding when I say I wear one of these every single day.  I'm always juggling two kiddos, photographing them or other clients, cooking, cleaning and putting my hair up all the time.  These bracelets are the most convenient and beautiful way to always have that hair-tie we all seem to never be able to find!

My necklace holds a special place in my heart.  Tiny Tags' maker is so sweet and engraved my babies' names so I can always have them close to me.  The quality of their pieces are amazing and this necklace fits perfectly, not only on, but in my life.  What Mama wouldn't love a personalized piece of jewelry to keep forever?  it gets better, too.  All orders placed through 12/1 will receive a $25.00 gift card as well!  How generous is that!?