Sunday Funday?


Sunday… My favorite day of the week. I love going to church but not because it’s what I’m “supposed” to do Sunday mornings. It’s kind of like I wake up and get to go to a college class that I’m actually excited about!

I learn so much about my faith and ways to apply what I believe and know to be true through Sunday worship and sermons. It’s been a goal of mine to take that excitement I have on Sunday morning all throughout my week but lemme tell you, it’s hard. Life if hard and unfair. There are tragedies happening all over the place, relationships falling apart, unfair things happening to “good people”. ⁣

I have so many questions for God, why me? why her? why now? We need You more than anything but nothing is changing, so where are You? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that God puts people through hard things to be able to build them up! ⁣

I am living proof that following Jesus is THE way. I didn’t change anything other than opening my heart to Jesus 10 months ago. He changed me. He changed my outlook, my actions, my thoughts... I owe everything I am today to Him. I’ve questioned God so many times in my life, didn’t believe for a LONG time because life just wasn’t fair and I didn’t feel heard. But I feel like sometimes it’s when we’re at our lowest, when, like me, all the pieces of life fall apart and that’s when God meets you in your weakness and helps you build yourself back up, putting each piece in a new place, but with Him, where it should be.