Small Shop Sunday: Jax and Lennon


Man, it's been a good minute since I've brought you guys a small shop I love but I couldn't resist with this one!  Something that I've always loved are kiddo clothing.  I used to be all into trendy clothing, full of characters and words but the more I looked into the fabrics of some of those clothing and coupled that with my kiddos' sensitive skin, I wanted to be able to give them something amazing to wear.  

Recently I found Jax & Lennon on Instagram and I fell in love!  I love plain clothing without a lot of crazy colors, of course I feel like I need soft fabrics for my kiddos, and I love finding sustainable and ethically made products.  All of those things describes Jax & Lennon!  Jax & Lennon specializes in luxury bamboo essentials that are made with style & comfort in mind.  I need clothing that can stand the test of time and man, these do!  Wash after wash and wear after wear...these pieces are amazing! 


Another reason (like I need one!) I love Jax & Lennon so much is that they have clothing for everyone in your family!  Mamas, Daddys, and kids can all be clothed in Jax & Lennon's super soft bamboo!  Their fabric is just so silky and buttery smooth, it feels so good on the skin and lays beautifully! 

If you're shopping for yourself, your babies, or someone else, feel free to use this code and save some moolah: snippetsofuspromo