Our Preschool Morning Routine!

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We're a couple weeks into our first year with a preschooler!  It's going so well and Emily couldn't be more excited to get to school everyday.  I call that a win!  


The mornings are a little chaotic around our house these days so any little thing I can do to help out with the craziness, I'm always going to do!  I've got two toddlers who are waking up, we've got a new routine, a new school, a new teacher...so many things!  I've partnered with Stonyfield Organic Kids  to chat about how I'm not one to have super strict routines, especially with toddlers, but I know that in order for things to be as smooth as they can be, routines help.  Something that helps this Mama... easy breakfasts!  I'm just not that type of Mom who gets up early to cook breakfast for my kiddos and a lot of times even already made foods aren't portable and I feel like I'm always running late!  

Emily really loves to help me pack up her big-girl backpack, put her shoes on, choose her outfit, etc.  She's also become pretty much in charge of Brody too and my goodness he actually listens to her!  It's amazing, like why can't he listen to ME? 


Once we're all up, we brush our teeth, brush our hair, use the potty (Brody is currently loving to go on his own in the big boy potty!), change clothes and get shoes on, and it's pretty much time to shoot out the door and take off.  I love being able to grab something healthy and quick that both my kiddos love for breakfast.  Heck I even like them too, who am I kidding.  Stonyfield Organic Kids Pouches are legitimately good!  They're good for you, too!  There's 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt, no artificial flavors or colors, and I love the reusable cap because we all know how finicky toddlers are and how they go back and forth with food!  

Once it's just me and the little guy at home it's craft time and once it's closer to pick Emily up we start getting lunch ready.  Brody and I run over to Emily's school, pick her up (Brody is always soooo excited to see his sister!), come home and have lunch.  I tend to include a Stonyfield Organic Kids Pouch either on the way home from her school or while I'm setting up lunch for the kiddos.  I'm not kidding when I say that they love these pouches!  They'd gobble them all up at once if I'd let them! 

As you can see, they love each other, hahaha! 

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stonyfield® Organic Kids®.