Our Allergic Kiddos

So we have two kiddos with peanut allergies and let me tell you from first hand experience, that’s no joke! Our kiddos have luckily never had a super crazy reaction, we’ve been able to catch their allergy early on and prepare ourselves as much as we can but you never know when peanut residue will be popping up, especially in public places.

I want to share some of the trusted things I do and products I use to help combat their allergies on a daily basis.


Whenever I’m choosing products for my kiddos I need to know that I can trust what I’m using and that it’s safe but also I try my hardest to use things that are natural. That’s really important to me and I don’t want to be rubbing my kiddos or myself up with all kinds of chemicals if that can be avoided.

One of this main things I do if I’m looking for a new restaurant to try or something is to find out if they’re allergen free. Some places cook with peanut oil so I know those are usually out of the picture.

We wash our hands often, I mean so often that sometimes they’re so dry it’s painful. That’s when we have to start looking for other options.


I only recently learned that 80% of common infections spread by hands and that Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes kill 99.99% of germs. We’ve been hit hard this year already with infections so I’m doing everything I can to protect our little fam bam from whatever I can! Not only do I love the ease of wipes but they also remove soil and bacteria from hands and surfaces which gels can’t do. Nice n’ CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes use are made with TENCEL®, a 100% plant-based fiber (never plastic) and gentle formulas, making them a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious families like ours. I love using wipes compared gels, my kiddos get gels everywhere and don’t rub fast enough to actually do anything anyway, haha.

Head into your local Walmart to purchase Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes 5 X 20ct. Family Value Pack today!


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