My Favorite Baby Monitor?


Let's talk baby monitors, shall we?  They're pretty much a required electronic addition to any nursery.  They give me such a sense of relief and peace knowing I can literally see what's happening with my little one!  

So let's back up four years.  Before Emily was born we bought the most high-tech baby monitor we could find.  It showed a little grainy image mostly in a green tint and we thought we were living that baby monitor life!  When Brody showed up we were floored at the amount of monitors available two years later!  I researched and looked for so long until I came upon the Lollipop Camera!  I was amazed at everything it offers.  

The biggest new-to-us feature was a 128 degree view!  Like, what-how is that possible to come from a baby monitor!?  You can literally see everything in the room, all corners, the floor, the ceiling, it's amazing.  Now that Brody is two and a half it's even better for us because he'll be transitioning to his toddler bed.  When Emily was going through that time I had no idea where she was most of the time until I checked for myself!  

There's a sound machine built in!  I just love this feature because instead of needing to purchase a stuffed bear or animal to play white noise or lullabies you can do it right from your phone through your Lollipop!  The night vision on the monitor is amazingly clear, too.  I was really happily surprised that I can see so much throughout the night.  There are lots of ways you can mount the monitor, all the way from newborns having it wrapped around the crib to toddlers like in our home, where it's mounted with the wall mount and the cord being kept safe with the included corner hardware!  It looks so sleek having the wire hidden compared to having it hanging out where anyone could grab it.


The way you monitor through the Lollipop is an app on your phone.  At first I was a little weary because I've always had the standard monitor where I was able to continually hear the noise in the room.  After a day or so I completely fell in love with the notification system.  If the noise is too loud or there is crying, you get alerts just like text messages on your phone to let you know immediately what's going on.  How cool is that!?  When the app alerts you of crying or some "event" it actually records that for you and you can review it later or right then.  I mean, it's just so cool and advanced allowing a parent to monitor sleeping patterns and such. 

My favorite feature though has got to be the two way talk.  I've never had that with a monitor and it's nothing short of awesome on the Lollipop Camera.  More than once during nap time I've caught Emily sneaking into Brody's room and trying to push him out of his crib to escape together!  Once I had the Lollipop installed I was able to immediately see what she was doing and talk right to her!  They were both stunned when they heard my voice telling them exactly what I was seeing and for her to close his door and go back to her room!  I was in parent-heaven!  

There are three sweet colors available and trust me, you will not regret buying this monitor, it's amazing!