Locals: Check Out Big Splash Adventure!


Summer is here in Indiana and man, it’s hot!  I promised myself that I wouldn’t complain about the heat once it was here due to us having such a long winter but dang!  


Now that I stay at home with the kiddos I certainly do have some time during the week to pack the kiddos up and take them where ever we want to go!  That's one amazing pro of staying home.  My Mama wanted to take the kiddos to Big Splash Adventure in French Lick, IN.  Big Splash Adventure is an indoor waterpark and you guys, it's pretty awesome!  


Inside Big Splash Adventure there is 40,000 square feet of fun and it has a retractable roof, whaaaaaat!?  Something else that's really cool, the waterpark is open until 9:30pm right now.  I loved that so much because going with two toddlers who usually sleep in seperate rooms, on in a crib, I need them to be completely worn out by bedtime so us adults can get some sleep too!  


My favorite part of our trip was the lazy river, even though we all know with two young kiddos there is nothing lazy about that river.  I was so surprised that Emily, my little timid girl, actually wanted to go down a big slide with me!  She sat on my lap and we screamed and laughed when we were at the bottom and she wanted to go again and again and again... It was awesome!  I love seeing her face her fears of water!  There is also an awesome sized three-four foot pool that had basketball goals that we loved and an all-toddler area and pool.  The toddler area is mostly where we hung out during our two days there.  The kiddos loved the swings in the toddler pool.  They thought it was so fun having their feet tickled by the water that was underneath them while swinging!  Eventually they both fell in love with the toddler slide.  They could do it alone and Mama and Mamaw got to relax a bit!  


Would you love Big Splash Adventure?... YES!  The only small part I didn't care for was the bottom of the pool in the toddler area as it scrapped up knees a bit but I understand it because it's super slip resistant!  


To learn more about Big Splash Adventure click here!