Intentional Marriage With The Experience Chicago Package!

palmer house Chicago

Not so long ago Scott and I were failing at marriage. I have talked about our journey before so won’t fill this post up with it but one of the things we decided to start to doing was to make time for us without kids.

I know, I know… It can be really hard to find time without kids, especially young kids who still require so much constant attention. Now when I say that we make time for each other and for us I don’t always mean that we go on vacations or that we hire a babysitter and leave the house. Most of the time we don’t leave the house, but occasionally we get the opportunity to do just that and that’s what I am excited to share with you here!

Scott and I were given the opportunity to partner with Hilton Hotels to take part in the Experience Chicago package and it was such a need time for us and so fun. With this package, Hilton Hotels has partnered with tons of Chicagoland companies to offer deals through Hilton and they are amazing and so worth it! We have always loved visiting Chicago but loved having these options to save us some money and the fact that it was less than a three hour drive from our home in Indy makes it so easily accessible.

So where did we stay?

We stayed at the Palmer House, downtown Chicago. The hotel is gorgeous and I loved learning that it is a historic hotel seeing as how I love exploring old hotels and learning about who stayed there, what went on before we arrived, seeing the architecture, etc.!

What did we do?

We were in the city for two days and our first afternoon was spent at Navy Pier. We rode the Centennial Wheel which allowed us some amazing views of the city and the water! I loved the shopping area there, too, and the atmosphere was just full of fun. The kids would have loved seeing everything and riding the wheel with us, too!

After Navy Pier we were pretty dang hungry. I mean, we DID walk from the Palmer House to Navy Pier and back so we earned our dinner, haha! Dinner was at a Chicago staple, Gino’s East. Now we love food and we loooove pizza but let me tell you…pizza wasn’t even my favorite thing we got at dinner. Our favorite was the Buffalo Mozzarella Sticks…omgosh, talk about life changing! I never want to eat plain mozzarella sticks again! Our service at Gino’s was beyond… beyond everything. We left feeling like we had made friends (which we really did!). We were able to go on a tour of the location and learn some of the history and what makes Gino’s such a cool and rooted in Chicago!

Gino's east Chicago

What I recommend for dinner:

  • Buffalo Mozzarella Sticks with Ranch

  • House Salad, split because it’s huge!

  • Pineapple + Canadian Bacon Deep Dish Pizza

  • Deep Dish Brownie

After a night of wondering around our gorgeous hotel and soaking up all the architecture and history we started our second day about 25 minutes from downtown at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The Garden was really easy to get to and actually a pretty drive with some gorgeous views! As you can tell, I loved the cactus area at the Garden. We never see those kinds of plants in Indy so I was a little obsessed with them. The property was all beautiful and I was so inspired by a vertical garden they had displayed. Now I need one of those at home!

chicago botanic garden

Once we were done exploring the Botanic Garden we grabbed some lunch then headed to Few Spirits Distillery. This was probably our favorite part of our visit. The distillery is down a small alley, sort of hidden away, and we were able to take a tour that was booked through the Experience Chicago package with Hilton. It was so neat getting to see everything that went into creating Few Spirit’s Gin and Whiskeys and to learn that it all happens right there, in that small space was sort of mind blowing! Turns out that Few is the first distillery in the home of the Temperance Movement… and for us that was so cool, again, feeling like we were part of the history of the city!

To learn more about all the perks you can get through Experience Chicago with Hilton package, click here!