Family Swim Nights Are The New Family Movie Nights!

Let’s go back a couple years ago, before kids, before schedules all over the place, before total exhaustion each day, shall we?  Six or seven years ago before Scott and I started our family we were movieaholics.  Yep, we loved going to the movies and experiencing everything, seeing all the fun new movies that would come out each week, who doesn’t like doing that, right? 

Now that we have two toddlers though and our schedules are all over the place, to be honest, in the evenings what we look for are activities to wear our kiddos out!  After Scott gets home from 9 hours or more of working in the city he’s worn out.  After a day of running Emily to preschool for three hours, Brody to school for six hours, lunches, nap times, tantrums, happy moments, baths, showers, laundry, dishes, and every single other thing that goes into making our day go by…I’m exhausted. 

Our kiddos are still a little too young to be able to sit and relax while watching a movie so we were looking for a fun way to wear them out without tantrums and for us to be able to mostly relax and have fun as well.  Family Swim Nights at Goldfish Swim School is the perfect activity for us!  Whether your kiddos take swim lessons with Goldfish or not, you’re welcomed to have fun on swim nights and let me tell you-it’s FUN! 

Every Friday night when we go to swim nights it’s between 6:30 and 8:00 pm, there is a ton of room in the pool for everyone and the pool is nice and warm.  My favorite part is seeing my kiddos love their time with us and show off what they have been learning in swim lessons.  I love seeing how brave and confident they’re getting!  The swim school also amps up the fun by tossing in all kinds of floaties, boats, allowing use of their life jackets, and sometimes they even have crafts waiting outside for the kiddos.  It’s just a super fun evening and a way to bond with our babies and we love it every single time we go!

Check out more about Family Swim Nights at Goldfish Swim School here!  

Thank you Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post.