Do You Have Unconditional Love In Your Life?


You know the love that you feel for your kids? Like-even if they do something wrong that they KNOW they shouldn’t do (like Mr. Brody with his shoes on my coffee table!), you still love them. Unconditional love. ⁣

As parents, we don’t necessarily see the faults in our kids. They’re our kids and that’s forever. Did you know that God sees me and you that same way? ⁣ God doesn’t love you because of your potential, because of your accomplishments or lack there of, because of how you look, how much money you make or because of the things you have. He loves you right now JUST as you are and He always will, no matter what you do. ⁣

How amazing is it that we’re able to talk to our MAKER whenever. we. want!? The One who created everything around us, we can have a conversation with Him all day long for all our days. I just can’t fathom that and have so much comfort knowing that even if I’m having my worst day, He still sees me as faultless and worthy of His love. That’s unconditional love, folks, and it’s available to every single one of us.