Beasley's Orchard With The Family

Anyone watch The Office? Well you know my answer, offffff course, total Office fanatic over here. Today Scott and I wanted to do something really fun for the kiddos with it being so nice out and totally Fall weather here in Indiana finally.

We packed up and headed for the orchard, about half an hour away, to get some pumpkins and apple cider slushies. The ENTIRE car ride there it was nothing but whining from Emily. Whine whine whiiiiiiine. I can’t take the whining. I felt like Michael Scott talking to Toby, “Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not… that… way...” Haha! But then I remember why I had kiddos and how much fun they actually are and I try to remember that they’re still growing and learning and that it can be hard sometimes to be little. ⁣

Overall the orchard was crazy fun. There was a huge jumpy thing (something way cooler than a bouncy castle) that everyone, Scott and I included, love jumping on, huge hay bale stacks to climb on, tractors to see that Bro LOVED, pumpkins galore, a sandbox, seesaws, oh... and football throwing games which Mama got her very first throw right in the hole.