A Healthier-For-You Snack

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Betty Lous fruit bars

Anyone else have a kid that totally isn’t into snacking? How about one that only likes to snack and not eat real meals? Well I have one of each, y’all, and it’s tough! Brody will eat meals and snack all day long but Emily will only snack. So very occasionally will she eat any sort of full meal. I know, I know, my own fault but I can’t force her to eat, especially breakfast! By the time 10am rolls around she’s getting hangry and I’m thinking, please child-EAT!


It’s been an ongoing issue for some time now and I have been searching for some better options for us, specifically vegan snacks. Why am I looking for vegan snacks for her? She has eczema and I have heard from so many people that cutting out dairy can help with her skin and at this point I am willing to try anything. So there’s that! I also love finding snacks that are gluten free. No one in our home has a gluten allergy but it’s always nice to have some gluten free snacks on hand for kiddos with that allergy that come over for playdates and such to help them feel “at home” here.

I think I have discovered the answer and I’ll tell you here what it is: Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars. Y'all , they taste like PIE! My two kiddos have a sweet tooth and I hate giving them sweets upon sweets that are filled with sugar but with these bars I don’t have that kind of guilt. They’re made with all the sugars coming from natural fruit and fruit juices and are a delicious, healthier for you dessert or snack that we pick up at Walmart. Super convenient and we’re always stopping by Walmart and can just toss these in our cart, too! Side note: has anyone usedthe Walmart Curbside Grocery Pick up? Oh my goodness, it’s a game changer. Everything was so quick and simple I might be a little obsessed!


This past week and a half I have offered the kiddos our Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars every other day after school and they have devoured them. We tend to have our after-school-snack once we’re home and either playing, doing crafts, or getting ready to head out to our swim classes or dance classes and it’s so convenient. I love that I can prep everything for the afternoon while the kids are at school and have it all ready to go for when Daddy is home. Not to mention that the enticement of snacks always seems to help the kiddos move just a little quicker, amiright? Haha! Some days are busier than others but either way who doesn’t love easy snacks? Heck, Scott and I get in on these fruit bars all the time, too.

For more information on Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars that are available at Walmart and Betty Lou’s Inc!, click here!

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