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Girl's Night Out!

We all know that self care is a huge deal right now and is all over social media. I have no doubts that it’s important and one of the ways I love taking care of me is by having me time. Sometimes that means getting a mani/pedi, sometimes I’ll go to Target by my self, sometimes that even just means to be able to shower once my husband is home and watching the kiddos!

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Let's Talk Water Safety

Let's talk water safety, shall we?  Water safety is one of the most important things I wanted my kiddos to know even before they were old enough to know why they needed it.  We live in Indiana so most of the water we see is in a pool and did you know that in Indiana alone last year 114 people

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Newfields: Summer Wonderland

Newsflash!  If you are in or near Indianapolis you have got to visit Newfields’ new Summer Wonderland exhibit!  Just go ahead and add it to your “must-do” summer list.  If you’re wanting to get out with your kiddos and wear them out exploring, have a relaxing date-night with your babe, or even are looking to have a fun girls’ night out doing something totally unique, Summer Wonderland is what you need!

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