Books That Heal

The other day Brody’s school sent home a letter to us telling us that a student in his class had experienced a seizure and that some of the other kids were a little upset when it happened because they saw it all. Brody was one of those kids and I can totally understand, he’s only two years old and seeing another little kiddo his age go through a seizure when you’re so young can be hard to understand! I feel so much for the child who had the seizure, I just couldn’t imagine.

books that heal
books that heal becoming Maddie panda

When I was telling Scott about the letter and what had happened Emily popped up and asked what we were talking about and I told her. Basically one of the children in Brody’s class has epilepsy and is known to experience seizures from time to time. Emily then of course had 100 questions (which I like) and I did my best to answer her questions but let’s be honest, I’m no expert. This was my 1st time ever having to explain this to my five year old.

I recently found a company called Books That Heal. I was immediately drawn to them because of their mission. I am always trying to do things with intentionality. Does it always work out that way? No, but I am trying and once I heard about what Books That Heal does I was blown away. So what do they do? Their mission is to empower and celebrate children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses by telling and publishing their stories.

  • Books That Heal was founded by Michael Flatley

  • They help pediatric patients battling chronic illnesses write and illustrate their very own children’s books to become published authors and illustrators

  • They host signing events for the children

  • At least 50% of the royalties are given directly to the children and their families or the foundation set up for the child

So what does my story about another child having epilepsy have to do with Books That Heal? Well, when I received our books I was happily surprised that one of the books was all about a child who suffers from epilepsy. I loved reading the book that was written from the parents to the child and it explained so much in child-like terms. I immediately read it to Emily and I know that we both felt like we understood more about epilepsy.

I also have four other books, all written by children who are battling chronic illnesses. For the next four nights at bedtime we would read one book after another and let me tell you-these strike so many mama heart chords. A lot of the time I can hardly get through a book without crying because it’s just so emotional for me to try and put myself in the parents’ positions, let alone my child. That’s when I knew I needed to support this company and their mission. I haven’t felt a tug this hard in a long time.

books that heal

I absolutely adore that through reading these books, like our favorite Becoming Maddie Panda, I am able to help teach my children that not everyone is the same and we all don’t experience the same lives. Some people look differently than they do or than their friends at school do, some kids don’t have hair, some kids are in hospitals for a long time, and that some kids get to meet Jesus a lot sooner than we do.

Each of the books is written from the child and I love that. It’s easy for my own kids to understand the speech and the meaning and they have SO many questions afterwards so it sparks a lot of discussion and prompts me to learn more on my own.

To learn more about Books That Heal, please visit here!