Benefits Of Teaching Kiddos Water Safety

This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, though all opinions are my own.


Summer is here. Let me repeat, summer is HERE! Indiana held off as long as it could but summer has finally shown up and we couldn’t be more excited over here. For us summer equals water! We get horribly cold winters and rainy Spring and Fall seasons so summer is really the only time we can have access to outdoor pools and water fun so we take full advantage of it.

With the kids being five and three years old this is the first summer that we will be able to sort of relax and allow them to play without us having to constantly basically stare at them and I am one happy mama. We have already set up our summertime pools in our backyard and are not-so-patiently waiting for our community pools to open up. I love knowing that my kids are more prepared to be around water and pools thins year, all due to them taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.


I know I know, it’s just swim lessons, right…so how are they supposed to take what they’ve learned in class to a pool in a backyard or a bigger shared pool? Let me just tell you, my friends, you’d be surprised. Our two kids used to be so afraid of the water, whether there was six inches or five feet of it. We would be so hot outside and when we would try to go to our pool we pretty much suffered as the parents because Emily would kick and scream because she was scared to get in the pool. This happened every single time, no matter how many times we exposed her to the water, it was exhausting and she really didn’t know what she was missing!

Here are just some of the amazing benefits our kids have had while taking swim lessons at Goldfish:

  • Confidence

    • Emily used to hate swimming. She was shy and was so hesitant to even get in the water. After taking swim lessons at Goldfish for a little while she started to really come out of her shell and she has yet to go back in! I absolutely loved seeing her swim across the entire length of the pool at her birthday party in front of all of her friends! I had never seen her go that far without assistance and you could just tell how proud she was of herself once she was done. Never in my life would I have thought that would be my daughter!

  • Socialization

    • Being a stay at home/work from home mom, and especially during the summer without daycare or anything like that, we really rely on our activities for our social time and swim class is where it’s at! I love knowing that Emily and Brody get to see and talk to other kids their same age each week. I see Emily chatting up a storm every week to the little girl next to her and she loves seeing her! Brody gets to bond with Daddy each week and just this past week moved up so now he gets to hang out with kiddos his same age each week!

  • Fear Of Water

    • Like I have mentioned before Emily used to be so terrified of water. She has flourished since starting swim classes and literally cannot wait to jump in the pool now. I cant wait to see her in the pools this summer!

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    • We as a family are trying to be more intentional this year with our time, money, food, experiences, and showing our kids ways to live healthier is something high on our priority list. Having a weekly routine that shows our kids that our time and energy to learn to swim is important is helping them realize that having physical activity is such a good thing.

  • Entertainment

    • I am all about entertaining my kids. I can only do so much until I am literally exhausted and I have come to love swim nights the most during our weeks. I pack up our bags and head to Goldfish Swim School and they kids love their teachers and lessons. I love knowing that it’ll be an easy bed time each week after swim lessons! Talk about a mom-win if I have ever heard of one!

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MORE INFO: Goldfish Swim School is a premier learn-to-swim facility dedicated entirely to infants and children, ages four months to 12 years. They have two locations in the greater Indianapolis area: 271 Merchants Square Drive in Carmel and 11581 Geist Pavilion Drive in Fishers. Lessons are offered in a child-friendly environment on a family-friendly schedule. Visit or call {317} 810.0790 for additional details.