Spring Is Here, That Means We Go To Our Indianapolis Zoo!


Spring is here in Indiana {finally} and that means that our temperatures are perfect for a zoo visit! We love love love our Indianapolis Zoo and every time we go, it’s way too much fun and we end up all leaving exhausted and ready for a nap!

I didn’t even know that XZooberance was going on right now but it made for a fun surprise! Today was a girl day so it was just me and Emily and it was so relaxing, no kiddos arguing about who sits where or having to chase after two babies! Thank you, grandparents! Emily wanted to go see the butterflies first and we spent over an HOUR with them. I forgot that the butterfly area is kept much more humid than I’m used to and was dying in there after awhile, haha!

Usually we are all about the animals, getting in and out of the exhibits, riding the carousel, and heading home but Emily had other plans today. We never ever have taken rides on the train that goes around the zoo kind of like, behind the scenes, but she wanted to do that and we did. Then she saw this little kid roller coaster and I totally didn’t think she would want to have anything to do with it but she was all about it! She was so brave and acted like she was scared but at the end said that she would totally do it again and was excited. That’s a in in my mama handbook! I was so proud of her for going on that roller coaster, ugh!

After some French fries, crafts, and dancing with the awesome XZooberance band playing we were both exhausted. I don’t think i’ve ever spent over three hours at the zoo but we did today! She was asleep before we even got home!

If you’re local or traveling to Indianapolis the Indianapolis Zoo is THE place to be if you have kiddos! Heck I’d even go solo or on a day date!