My Stay At The Ironworks Hotel In Indy

Some days you just need some time away from your own house, amiright?! Yeah, I am! I’m so happy to be partnering with The Ironworks Hotel in Indianapolis at Keystone Crossing to tell you all about my Mom’s Night Out and my stay at this beautiful hotel!


Ironworks Hotel Indy

Legacy Suite

My life gets a little crazy sometimes but right now we are on good old Spring Break and in some ways that calms down the craziness but in other ways it intensifies it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kiddos but working from home with two kids running around can be hard! I generally try to “take the weekends off”. I put that in quotes because someone who’s job is centered around social media…are we ever really off work? No, the answer is no. My parents generously offered to watch both kiddos on Saturday and the hubs was out of town for a basketball game with some friends so it was all mine, all night, and it was amazing!

Be sure to check out our Instagram Stories Highlight here to see the room tour! I was in the Legacy Suite and it was huge! The bathroom was gorgeous and everything was clean and crisp, I just loved it! Something I look for in a hotel that is always at the top of my list is location and ease. Parking, check-in, check-out, and everything in between was simple and painless! I absolutely love that on the ground floor of Ironworks is pretty much everything you could need! There is Massage Heights, lots of restaurants, and more! A place called Blue Sushi Sake Grill kept coming up recommended to me and a girlfriend so we met there for dinner. Let me tell you that I am sort of a sushi snob and this place did NOT disappoint! The crab rangoon and Philly rolls are awesome but something I wasn’t expecting to love so much was their house salad with this sweet honey something dressing! I cant remember the name of it because out awesome waitress recommended it but so happy she did. I know, I know-a salad, but seriously, so stinking good!

I can’t wait to go back with the hubs or some girlfriends for a GNO and check out some of the things to do that I didn’t get to this time! Let me say though that there are tons of places for photo ops and selfies, so many good eats, relaxing massages to be had, along with huge comfy beds to sleep on! Ironworks does not disappoint!