DIY Frozen Paint

diy frozen paint
diy frozen paint

Here we are, day one of our two week Spring Break! I envy those moms who seem to have it all together and all planned out, having something fun to do each and everyday. That’s just not me though, and I’m okay with that. I do have a couple things planned and some fun ideas up my sleeve and today I’m sharing one of them that we LOVED!

DIY Frozen Paint is as simple as it sounds. I didn’t have ice cube trays or popsicle sticks but other than that all you need is water and paint, which most of us toddler moms have on hand. I found these cute silicone trays with lids for $2.99 each and these mini popsicle sticks were the perfect size for my kiddos’ little hands and I think were only $1.00, so my total for this activity that can be used and recreated again and again was $7.00 and 5 minutes of prep time!

Steps to creating the perfect frozen paint:

  • cut slits for the popsicle sticks with a knife before beginning

  • fill your ice cube trays with 3/4 water

  • squeeze some paint in there

  • mix each cube up with your knife, wiping off on a paper towel in between each color

  • top with your ice cube tray lid

  • add popsicle sticks

  • freeze overnight

The kids were so excited to have something new that they were able to get in and out of the trays, changing colors, when they wanted to. I could have easily made up only one ice cube tray of colors but to avoid a meltdown of wanting the same color I made two! We will totally be adding this to our painting arsenal for the next couple weeks!

diy frozen paint
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