I have been wanting for awhile now to take a social media break. I know Instagram and Facebook takes up too much of my day and attention away from my family but wasn’t able to make the commitment yet because of already scheduled projects and all. Yesterday’s apocalypse was a blessing in disguise.

Once I realized I wasn’t the only person affected by the massive outage and that apparently it wasn’t being caused by any sort of attack, I was actually able to relax, put my phone away, not think about posting for work, and enjoy my day! It was so odd for me to not have to think about work for once. That’s part of the reason I have been wanting a social media break.

Everyone who works traditional jobs seem to get to take vacations, right? Why not people who have careers as social media influencer our bloggers, too?

I was able to get so many things accomplished and totally was able to realize, in the 12 short hours everything was down, how easily I get distracted and zone out of what I started out doing. The weather was gorgeous so we were able to get so many things done without distractions! It sounds silly to say but that’s the world we live in at this point, right? It cant only be me.

We had school for the two kiddos, lunches, nap times, new doorbell installation, playground time, pizza for dinner, bath times, and easy bedtimes. I was even able actually watch some episodes of The Office which is usually something I just have as background noise. It was so nice to feel what it was like to intentionally make time for all these things and at the end of the day we all felt so good about everything.

I think Instagram and Facebook should go down more often…anyone else with me?